The young people painted on these silos are representatives of the local netball and football club – the social hub of rural towns such as this.

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Rupanyup: part of the Silo Art Trail.


2 thoughts on “Rupanyup: part of the Silo Art Trail.

  1. Sue says:

    I have seen others and it is a great idea. Just home from Ballroom Dancing Comps. Everyone had to answer a few questions before being allowed into venue. Then hand sanitizer, name and phone number in book, just in case. Bottles of hand sanitizer on all the tables, toilets had soapy ones, and they had big ones near where the entrants line up before going on. One of the judges had a sister competing and towards the end of the night he moved to her seat to watch her dance and promptly put a mask on. Didn’t stay on long, so it must have had meaning between the two. Better get to bed, I have to go to school office to ask them abut the school camp, the money is due tomorrow and I am not going to pay it if Its not refundable

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