Yesterday, I was in the right place at the right time when this pair of New Holland Honeyeaters came for a drink. I keep the water on top of the hot water cylinder, where feathered visitors are safe from feline ambush. I’d been out in the garden, taking photos of bees and butterflies, and was on my way back inside when I spotted them. I took a few quick snaps, expecting them to dash away as soon as they saw me.


I was able to duck behind the camper trailer, behind the winch setup.  With the camera in front of my face, they weren’t sure if I was a threat.


I kept still. Thirst won.


They drank and promptly departed.


Thanks for looking.



New Holland Honeyeaters


5 thoughts on “New Holland Honeyeaters

  1. Oh, look at their little FACES ! – how BRILLIANT is that .. design ! I had no idea that above their beaks is that marvellous kind of snowflake pattern. And as I am highly unlikely ever to look them up, I would never have known without your absolutely terrific photos, CJ ! Thanks from the heart.

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  2. sue says:

    Wow, they are pretty, even their underbelly feathers make a lovely pattern, never noticed before, but then they are never still long enough

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