A trio of busy bees. (Nikon D3000)




The photos are a bit hard to look at, but do support the busyness of the bees. I decided to share them because I was surprised the lens managed to focus on all three – but I suppose that’s how depth settings work. If I ever do the Udemy Photography course I purchased, ages ago, I’ll learn more. And then there’s my ‘Nikon D3000 for Dummies’ book. Reading is not doing. I have no excuses, except it’s easier to let the camera do the work.  That’s me though, I’ll always take the easier road!

We’ve just entered Stage 3 of our pandemic restrictions – indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to two people, though the five for weddings and ten for funerals still stand. Of course, family groups, or flatmates, can still go outside together. On arrival, international travellers are being locked in hotels for their 14-day quarantine. The Melbourne ones are fortunate, as they have the 5-star luxury of the Crown Casino’s accommodation. In Sydney, a fellow was on the news this morning, not happy, but at least he had a bit of a view. His room was plain, all white, and very small.  Still, he has only another 13 days to go. It’s amazing how all of them believe they are well and virus-free. No-one can be sure.

The Government are telling us that the curve has begun to flatten, and entering Stage 3 will keep it that way – not to stop the virus, but to keep cases at a manageable level so the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.


We’re shopping once a fortnight, at the moment. Yet to see a toilet roll since the panic-buying began, but I haven’t gone in early.

Take care, and do have a good day.


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Busy Bees


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  1. Your camera is a bloody GENIUS ! – seeing as how it ain’t you .. [grin]
    How I long to have my little native garden grow big enough to be flowering and attracting bees !

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    • The abelia and the ivy were here before our arrival nearly 30 years ago – we planted the jasmine and a bottlebrush. I’ve got another bottlebrush and two grevilleas in pots, waiting for me to plant. Takes time. Yeah, my camera is beaut! I love this theme, it’s like Duo. I never know what colour is going to become the background.

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    • I’ll wear gloves next time. Last time, I dropped my sweater sleeves over my hands to open fridge doors (and carefully removed my sweater and bundled it up when I got home.) I sanitised the trolley bar, from a purse pack, once it was obvious I’d bought too many things to carry comfortably – it hand been my intention to avoid a trolly. Sanitised my hands, my car door handles, the trolley bar again when I put it back. Practising for the real thing. At that stage, the virus had not been identified in our area. I’ll shop next week, with gloves on. Once having been a nurse, I know how to get them off without contaminating myself. We’re very lucky this virus is susceptible to ordinary soap. 🙂

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  2. sue says:

    I have a spray bottle of metho at the front door to squirt on the shoes. Donald had to go for bloods this morning so I had a plastic bag in my pocket that I turned inside out and disposed of. Had to show medi card to operator and she goes and grabs it an puts it on the paper, so I sloshed their sanitizer all over that and my hands. Soon as I got home I got Donald to change his clothes. I only touched the door with the back of my jacket so that came off straight away. Will go and metho the seats of the car in a minute, Donald didn’t touch anything but sat on the chair, would have thought they would have had a disposable paper cover over it. All your family and friends, I hope they are all taking precautions. It’s very easy to put your hand out to pick something up. I don’t suppose you can get deliveries from the supermarket, though Coles at St. Clair deliver to Noarlunga, which is a fair distance. Take care everyone.
    Love Sue

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