The paddocks behind our house are much greener. Plenty of grass for livestock, for the kangaroos are scarcer during the day.


How are you all coping with the weekend?


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Our paddocks are getting greener.


4 thoughts on “Our paddocks are getting greener.

  1. Ahhh. We’ve had plenty of rain here, so the grass is growing, making the paddocks greener – in stark contrast to summer. When there’s plenty of grass, the kangaroos don’t need to expose themselves as much while they’re grazing, and stay further from human habitation. Of course, at dawn and dusk, I could probably see some, if I look. 🙂 (Not today though, it’s pouring rain.)


  2. sue says:

    You lucky things. Warm here today but yesterday was so muggy. The temperatures are going down in general though. Supposed to be rain on Wednesday, but we hear that all the time, never seems to happen.

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