The weather continues cold, wet, cloudy and generally uninviting to outside wanderings. Here’s a photo I took at the end of March. I’m pretty sure that end cow is only dead-to-the-world through sleep.


Cows,  31 Mar 2020 (Nikon D3000, cropped, sharpened, and bevel-edged in GIMP)

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.



Snoozing Cows


11 thoughts on “Snoozing Cows

  1. Hey there! I like your shot of the cows just chilling. That one on the end looks interesting, I’m glad you clarified it’s probably not dead. In that light it looks pretty funny.

    Stay safe and well also!!! How strangely amazing it is that we are a world away and yet going through so much of the same. I don’t have cows nearby to photograph. I’m not in your country or even your continent, and yet we are both having to be careful of the outside world…human world. I guess in spirit we are more the same than before.

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      • OMG I hope that is not true. I remember a month or so ago hearing a dog in China had tested positive but showed no symptoms. Well I see CNN is reporting it as is National Geographic…Holy wow… other big cats were showing symptoms of upper respiratory illness as well. They are expected to recover. A keeper caring for them was asymptomatic but tested positive.

        Cheers to the cow!

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        • I recall there being the question if the original mutation came from a bat or ocelot. Now I see the latter is a wild cat. Thanks for elaborating the story, about the keeper. The infected human numbers, of course, only show those tested and found positive. Hopefully most of us will be like the keeper and won’t even notice we have it!

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          • It seems bat is where they’ve last left off thinking it originated in, probably passing then to another host then us. Not unlike the movie Contagion! Big lessons all around as this comes back to climate change. The more habitat we destroy the more the creatures move closer to us.

            Thanks for putting me up on that news in the first place. I agree with you. I feel so bad for everyone who loses someone to this. Be well friend!

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