Friday Feline this week is the little wild white kitten, born to one of the ginger-and-white cats next door. I see it most often in the drain out front, where its mother must have stashed it once it started following her about. Most of the cats congregate in the front of our place while waiting for their feed to turn up.


The first we knew of this kitten was when it followed mum up onto our front fence. Mr. R. was quite surprised, having never seen an all-white cat before.  This past week, the end of daylight saving has them confused, and me, too, for I went to start tea (dinner) several times after only looking at the big hand on the clock!

Isn’t the kitten cute! He/she has spots of ginger here and there on the body and those cute little ginger stripy bits on its head.  I spotted in the garden next door but, as soon as it saw me, it dashed into hiding. Curiosity won, for it didn’t go far from the sunny spot where it had been sleeping.


The owners, who usually keep their yard immaculate, have obviously decided that their regular trips from the metropolis to mow and weed no longer fits the ‘essential travel’ criteria. Well, it doesn’t.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


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Friday Feline


5 thoughts on “Friday Feline

  1. Are we saying that the cats belong to the absent owners ? – or are they just wild ?
    Whatever, that kitten is certainly cute, CJ ! I especially like the second shot where it’s observing more distantly. 🙂

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    • Since the owners’ relatives come daily to feed them, I assumed they were the ones who put them there. They aren’t pets, but are there to keep down vermin and deter snakes, no doubt. And yes, they are skittish. The kitten certainly is wild. Taming it would be a challenge but I have successfully caught some before, and given over to the one who feeds them. I believe he took them to the animal place. It broke my heart to also giveover the friendliest cat, it was a female who had lost its first litter and wanted to feed these other kittens I’d trapped with their mother. She was dangerous as she would rush in and butt our legs, so it was only a matter of time before she tripped one of us. Can’t afford that when you get older!


    • Ahh, I thought i might confuse things. The people who now own the house don’t live there, and her brother is in charge of the cats. I believe he put them there. They are fed daily, sometimes twice if there aren’t mice about.


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