Yesterday, I popped down the side lane with the Nikon D3000. People from both houses on the other side were outdoors, so I got to see some other human life! Mr. W. was putting some seating in the middle of his paddock – the one where the wool-shedding sheep live. He called out to me and, after asking how we were faring, from a distance, informed me that he was celebrating his mate’s birthday. I’m sure he said he would be singing happy birthday from there. Said friend, living in the next house, was out cleaning his roof gutters.

I walked on, leaving my Mr. R. to chat with him. I was pleased to see plenty of distant kangaroos. Cows first, though. That pale cow was being different again – this time I’d captured it just as it flopped down.


I walked a little further, while behind me Mr.R. got stuck into his bit of mowing. He’s been having trouble with various bits of his anatomy, so decided to pare down his mowing stints into smaller daily time segments. A good idea.

I’m not sure how this next image will work on smaller screens, you’ll have to scroll it, sideways, I guess. Tons of kangaroos, most resting in the grass. This was only a fraction of them.


That changed as I got closer.


And closer.


Finally, there was only the one left as the others decided to leave.


I returned home, returning the enthusiastic waves from a kid, now out with his dad, still gutter cleaning. I guess the lad was pleased as I, to see another human.

Thanks for reading and/or looking. Stay safe.


cows, kangaroos

Cows ‘n Kangaroos


17 thoughts on “Cows ‘n Kangaroos

  1. I am thinking that your kangas appear to be red ones, rather than greys – yes ? If so, are you not lucky ? I mean, I thought the reds had been greatly overtaken by the greys ..

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  2. sue says:

    Didn’t you tell the kangaroo’s they had to isolate, or maybe that’s why they took off, you looked germy. I walk the dog morning and night. At night with neighbour and we have seen people that you don’t usually see out walking their dogs. Must be an excuse to get out of the house.

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    • LOL. I was reading an article this morning – saying to think twice before rushing out to adopt a dog, since it will think you’ll normally be home with it and take it walking two or three times a day!


    • Thanks for dropping in, Nancy. We have such a large kangaroo populations due to the native forests and bush land around us. They like lolling in the sunshine.


  3. That pale cow seems a funny one, the best kind! It also looks like the others are watching him. I wonder if they are and what they’re thinking. “Oh there’s old Thomas being weird again.” Lol.

    There’s loads more people outside in my neighborhood these days so seeing others is not something I’m missing out on. Honestly I miss my more isolated walks! 😉 I did see my mom for the first time in a while, we carefully exchanged some items. It was really strange because I had to keep reminding myself to stay far away from her. That wasn’t nice but overall it was good to see her. She sends us a lot of pictures and messages through the day so I still see her daily really.

    That is a ton of Kangaroos, wow! Great share here, I’m still fascinated by the idea of having them as local wildlife. Looks like the one who stuck around is a tough guy! My gosh he looks like he works out. They are powerful animals yeah? I would not like to be up close and personal with one.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience. We’re used to not seeing our families, so it’s not that hard. Plus we were lucky enough to attend a baby shower in February so caught up with Mr R’s family then, and his mum’s 90th birthday also in February – just before our first gathering rules came in. Mum-in-law refused a party anyhow.

      I know so many kangaroos just lolling around so close to civilization is unfathomable. I’m not sure I’ve seen this many crammed together like that, either.

      Thanks for dropping in!

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        • It just seems odd, for here, at that time of the day, which is why I thought maybe some of those troughs contain kangaroo feed pellets, though the water is probably enough for them to congregate. Sometimes the military base (quite some distance away) lets kangaroos out from within their fenced perimeter when the numbers get overwhelming. Once we saw an emu running past here, and then read in the paper they’d let out heaps of them. The released fauna disperse into the forests around here.

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