Decided to share some more kangaroos from the other day.


Zooming in…


When they decided it was time to leave,


some went left…


… and others went right…


… and others waited, wondering…


That white boxy thing in the background is a portable plastic water container. In summer, one sees these type of tanks often, in the back of vehicles or trailers, on their way to the council’s standpipe for refills. This one seems to fill an array of old bath tubs and containers. Maybe some of those containers have had kangaroo pellets in them, a feedlot during drought, and that’s why there are so many ‘roos.

Margaret Rose (M-R) pointed out the numbers of red kangaroos, and I think she’s right. In the past, the mob has been predominately grey – now I’m not so sure.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.



More kangaroos


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  1. sue says:

    Wow, the drought and fires certainly haven’t kept the numbers down. Good to see. Hope you are all having a great Easter, take care everyone.

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