Who would’ve thought the European Wasp could look so lovely!

I’ve gone for a different presentation than usual, since I couldn’t decide which ones to share. If you click on an image, you can scroll through them all, one at a time.

A spot of exciting news – Mr. R. and I became great-grandparents earlier today!

Thanks for looking. Do have a great day.



A wasp doing what a wasp does


14 thoughts on “A wasp doing what a wasp does

    • The parents were already conscious of health risks before all this happened – we were asked if we weren’t up to date with whooping cough not to visit for a certain time. Now, I think they have a six month embargo on everyone. Plenty of photos though. For a babe that wasn’t supposed to be, due to various issues, little Lilly came out healthy and looking very well-nourished.


  1. Congrats to your granddaughter. As to the wasp, love the photos; that’s where wasps should be, on the ivy flowers, not on my kitchen curtains. 14 years in this place, yesterday was the time I had a wasp venture in. And it was BIG. But it also was drowsy. I cupped it and took it outside, where it belongs

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  2. Ah congratulations on being so great!!!! 😀

    Wasps oh man they’re pretty to look at sometimes but other than that they BUG me! Lol. I do like your format here. Nice presentation. When I see wasps I just think about the angry little F’ers that they are. (I’m holding a serious grudge let me tell you.)

    Thanks for sharing! They look just like what we call yellow jackets. Probably an expert would tell me THEY ARE or no they don’t at all. 😉


    • Yes, they are your yellow jackets – originated in Europe, which is why we call them European wasps to distinguish them from our own native wasps. Obviously you or a loved one has been wounded! 😀

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      • Me! I stepped on a walnut that one must have been feeding on last summer. I think they have short fuses, it was like road rage. Bit me. I thought come on jerk, I didn’t see you, gosh sorry! Some creatures, I tell ya… 😉

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        • I had a similar experience with a bee – went out to hang clothes on the line while the daisies were flowering underneath, wearing wide legged trousers. Bit me on the knee when it ran out of room! Ouch. Lesson learned. Never been bitten by a wasp. touch wood.

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          • Oh shoot that sounds creepy, ugh. I had something like THAT happen years ago. Shorts touched the bee who’d come to land on my knee which apparently ticked him off. How rude! 🙂

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