Sometimes, kangaroos will stay put and just watch you. Other times, no matter how carefully or non-threatening you move, they will take off! I try to hide behind a tree when getting closer for a better photo, but you have to get out from behind it eventually.


It was a dull day yesterday, fog enshrouded until after midday so the forest was dull.


The sun started coming out as we neared home, but not helpful for these next shots. At the start of our walk, a much smaller group of kangaroos in this same spot didn’t bother moving. On our return, the flighty ones set off the rest.




Thanks for looking. Have a good weekend and do stay safe.





Flighty kangaroos


Decided to share some more kangaroos from the other day.


Zooming in…


When they decided it was time to leave,


some went left…


… and others went right…


… and others waited, wondering…


That white boxy thing in the background is a portable plastic water container. In summer, one sees these type of tanks often, in the back of vehicles or trailers, on their way to the council’s standpipe for refills. This one seems to fill an array of old bath tubs and containers. Maybe some of those containers have had kangaroo pellets in them, a feedlot during drought, and that’s why there are so many ‘roos.

Margaret Rose (M-R) pointed out the numbers of red kangaroos, and I think she’s right. In the past, the mob has been predominately grey – now I’m not so sure.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.



More kangaroos


Yesterday, I popped down the side lane with the Nikon D3000. People from both houses on the other side were outdoors, so I got to see some other human life! Mr. W. was putting some seating in the middle of his paddock – the one where the wool-shedding sheep live. He called out to me and, after asking how we were faring, from a distance, informed me that he was celebrating his mate’s birthday. I’m sure he said he would be singing happy birthday from there. Said friend, living in the next house, was out cleaning his roof gutters.

I walked on, leaving my Mr. R. to chat with him. I was pleased to see plenty of distant kangaroos. Cows first, though. That pale cow was being different again – this time I’d captured it just as it flopped down.


I walked a little further, while behind me Mr.R. got stuck into his bit of mowing. He’s been having trouble with various bits of his anatomy, so decided to pare down his mowing stints into smaller daily time segments. A good idea.

I’m not sure how this next image will work on smaller screens, you’ll have to scroll it, sideways, I guess. Tons of kangaroos, most resting in the grass. This was only a fraction of them.


That changed as I got closer.


And closer.


Finally, there was only the one left as the others decided to leave.


I returned home, returning the enthusiastic waves from a kid, now out with his dad, still gutter cleaning. I guess the lad was pleased as I, to see another human.

Thanks for reading and/or looking. Stay safe.


cows, kangaroos

Cows ‘n Kangaroos