Sometimes, kangaroos will stay put and just watch you. Other times, no matter how carefully or non-threatening you move, they will take off! I try to hide behind a tree when getting closer for a better photo, but you have to get out from behind it eventually.


It was a dull day yesterday, fog enshrouded until after midday so the forest was dull.


The sun started coming out as we neared home, but not helpful for these next shots. At the start of our walk, a much smaller group of kangaroos in this same spot didn’t bother moving. On our return, the flighty ones set off the rest.




Thanks for looking. Have a good weekend and do stay safe.





Flighty kangaroos


6 thoughts on “Flighty kangaroos

  1. sue says:

    That’s funny, that they consider that you would be a threat. Probably just remembered the wife sent them to the shops. Trying very hard to rain at the moment. This morning was quite sunny then about 11.30 the wind picked up and it started cooling down. Get the feeling their could be a storm but Adelaide never really has a decent thunder and lightning storm. I remember when I was a kid being inside for hours watching black clouds & lightning and listening for the thunder. Here it seems to hit the hills and gets diverted.

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  2. Awesome shots. I love the action shots, moving from the group (herd? Pack?) resting to them standing and fleeing. I also appreciate the contrasting colors from the foggy to the sun shining. Thanks for sharing!


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