Spotted these galahs overhead, whilst on our walk down the side road.


Thanks for looking.




Pair of galahs


11 thoughts on “Pair of galahs

  1. sue says:

    Love Galahs, always head down tail up as they scrounge through the grass, not so noisy as the Sulphur Crested Cockies. Cockies are hilarious, they like to be up high and scoff at you as you walk underneath (if you dare)

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  2. They’re so beautiful. I’ll probably never stop being fascinated that you get to live in their midst. We have beautiful birds all our own here in the States but parrots are a whole ‘nother animal. I wonder are they as mischievous as crows and ravens? I’m guessing they would be, given what I experience with them at home! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your wildlife with us.

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      • Ah yeah that sounds bad. That’s one of many reasons big birds should not be pets, but since they are you have to be careful because they’re like children, toddlers that never grow up and boy will they chew. I suspect what they do inside is only a sample of what they’d do in their wild habitat. Man…

        Cardinals a beautiful little feisty things for sure.

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          • Ah yes I know you are. I can’t imagine having these critters around the house OUTSIDE. There’s no way my Umbrella would not wreak havoc on everything he’s near. I heard a long time ago that Cockatoos are considered pests in some places of the world. Would you say they are such there? When I think of wildlife pests around here I think chipmunks (grrr), raccoons (OMG), mice (heck no), and if you’re a gardener rabbits (to name a few). Some people struggle with Starlings around the house, opening up holes they find access to around the outside to nest in then pooping all over, but no birds that chew wires! Wow…

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          • Framers, orchardists and winegrowers consider them pests for sure. They can get a licence to cull only if numbers are extraordinary (like kangaroos) else they use automatic ‘scare guns’ that are set to frighten them from fruit or crops at the times they normally settle.

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