Mr. R. and I have kept up with our walking on most days, and really are enjoying our forays into the National Park. There, a few days ago, this Australian Admiral female Common Brown (Heteronympha merope) butterfly landed long enough for a photo. I’d already walked about 3 kms, so wasn’t interested in traipsing after it!


Updated after I found the right butterfly at the Butterfly House website. I discovered: ‘The adults, like those of many NYMPHALIDAE, have only 4 legs. ‘ Huh? So some have six? Must take notice, next time.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.

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Australian Admiral … nope, it’s a Common Brown


4 thoughts on “Australian Admiral … nope, it’s a Common Brown

    • Haven’t spotted that site before, usually use the Australia Museum one. I thought it a Vanessa (Painted Lady), just got to work out which one – by looking at the ‘eyes’ on the wings.


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