The trouble with long walks, when I take the camera, is choosing which photos to share with you. Most of the time, I end up choosing just one aspect, and all the other lovely experiences I’ve had go unused. So, in the interests of me sticking to some sort of routine with this blog, I’ve decided to share the best walk I have each week – posting Wednesdays. (Wednesday Walk?)  This first took place last Sunday, on a lovely Autumn afternoon, the Nikon around my neck (complete with the bloody SD card which I’d forgotten – yet again! – the day before). As always, when going down the side lane, I take a picture of the cows, regardless. A-L-W-A-Y-S.


Since I’m posting lots of photos, I’ve added a ‘see more’ line here, but I can’t tell if it will work.

Next, we’re surprised by bunnies – or maybe they were young hares. Not sure.



After this last one dashed across the road in front of us, I could see at least six or seven bounding back and forth between the distant bushes. I think they’re hares.


Next, a bit further up the lane, one can see the edge of the vineyard. It sweeps over the hill,  two of its sides bordered by country lanes. I said it was a beaut Autumn afternoon.


Next, after a fair walk, some of it uphill, we’re deep in the State Forest behind our home. Last time here, we saw that kangaroo family shown in my previous post. Just before seeing the ‘roos, I’d spotted a pair of new-to-me birds – Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters. I was glad to find a larger number of these birds, in much the same place.


I didn’t get any decent photos this time, either, but you can see the yellow tuft behind its ear, and the lovely golden yellow underside and a bit of the golden crown. Anyway, Mr. R. was walking on, and the birds weren’t being co-operative.


I was telling Mr. R. that we should drive next time, and bring a picnic, and wait until the birds were in the right spot, and I was pondering the use of a tripod, when we heard the sudden sound of a motorbike. Movement alerted us to several kangaroos fleeing in the background. So, here, I tried taking kangaroo pictures against the light again, with the camera managing to focus on one. We didn’t see the motorbike.



Pretty soon, back on the main gravel road, I’m looking over a fence at a Willy-wagtail.


And then I decided take a photo of said lane, so I can show you the edge of the range where we traipsed about last week. We only clambered around the lower front hill, barely discernible in this view – if you follow the line of the foreground fence, the smaller hill is beyond that yellow-leaved tree. You get the gist.


And, yes, on the way past. I couldn’t help taking a picture of the cows. I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures of the sheep, for I’d discovered they were all rams!


My Garmin Vivofit wrist band said we’d walked 3 kilometres and I’d exceeded the required steps for the day.  See what I mean about multiple experiences? Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Stay safe.


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A long walk…


11 thoughts on “A long walk…

  1. great idea for a Wednesday Walk – and the bunnies are so large – we have some around here but they are small.
    and recently our new Lab almost captured one of them (instinct)

    lovely photos and the cows are fun so I can see why you always grab a shot of them

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    • Yes, the length of the ears and the hind legs swayed me to the young hare theory, and the face seems a bit elongated, too. I can’t see hares without thinking off Jugged Hare and the shock I got when I looked up an old recipe – it began with ‘first, capture a hare’ or something of that ilk. Thanks for dropping in, crispina.

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  2. It must be lovely to have such an abundance of walkable places, CJ.. Up in Sydney I used, during my last 10 years there and living still in Pyrmont, to walk every morning around the Harbour. I loved those walks, and boy, were they good for me ! But now I have nowhere to walk – just endless suburbia. I walk vicariously with you.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed my walk. The sun is out today, so I reckon we’ll get a good one – once we decide which direction to go! I always imagined the beach wouldn’t be far from anywhere in your town – just a matter of getting to it, I guess. Thank God for the internet, M-R. Can you imagine life without it, these days! Oh, by the way, I think I’ve been mis-interpreting ‘vicariously’ all my life. Think I must’ve crossed it with ‘precariously’ at some stage. Oops. 🙂

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  3. sue says:

    Beautiful photos. You are doing a lot of exercising, didn’t it get very cold today. Was freezing here yesterday and very cold today. Looks like you will be needing recipes for potted hare. Supposed to be very tasty.

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    • I’m guessing potted hare and jugged hare are the same thing. I was just commenting about that in my reply to crispina – spotted an old recipe that began with catching the hare. The rest of it turned me off so I’ll never find out just how tasty hare is. Now, rabbit stew, roast rabbit, yum, gosh haven’t had a feed of rabbit for decades. Glad you enjoyed my photos Sue. 🙂


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