I’m sharing three photos for Friday Feline today – the theme being the marmalade-tabby tails sported by all three puss-cats.

Mother cat keeps an eye on the falling leaves…


Father cat looks thoughtful…


Baby cat, mostly white, but with its own tabby tail, is distracted by the leaves, too…


So cute! Thanks for looking. Do have yourselves a safe weekend.


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Marmalade-tabby tails


5 thoughts on “Marmalade-tabby tails

    • Since I’ve been feeding the mother and kitten a tiny amount of food most mornings – part of the taming process – dad has decided to hang around with them nearly all day! Fed the kitten on its own yesterday.


  1. The white kitty with the marmalade tail is a bit much, CJ ! – gorgeous !
    I’m getting dizzy with the Friday Felines but: they seem to be anything but Friday .. How about making ’em // oh, say, Any Day Animals ? – or maybe Cuotidian Cats ?
    (Sorry about that, but I think it’s quite clever.)

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