Since I haven’t taken any decent cat pictures recently, I’m sharing these from April last. This particular cat is a real prowler, oozing predator in each step.  I couldn’t get the whole cat in the frame, since I have the longer lens on the Nikon D3000, but the image has a certain charm, the way ginger tabby saunters down the centre towards me, as if I’m not even there.


I’ve yet to see any of these cats from next door playing with prey, as well-fed cats will do. So far, only one pile of feathers in my yard has torn my heart. They do an excellent job keeping down rodents, and I do feel safer from seasonal snakes. But most of all, I’m just a sucker for cats. Love ’em. No matter what they look like.


Thanks for looking. Do have a good weekend.



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Friday Feline: prowler


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