A day late with my Friday Feline. I wish I could give this battle-scarred tom a big hug!


Do have a good weekend, and stay safe.


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9 thoughts on “Battle-scarred

    • He appeared to be injured in a hip or leg some weeks back, and still walks with a bit of a limp. He does look sad. Looked happier after I gave him something to eat.


  1. sue says:

    Alec just asked me what I was doing and I told him writing to you. Showed him your pictures and his response “oh that’s in the country”. I had already told him it was up near Bendigo/Ballarat way. He knows where both those places are so I thought it would have given him a “heads up” that you were in the country.

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  2. Deepingman says:

    What a lively cat. When I lived with Mum and Dad we adopted a stray that my Dad found eating frozen Brussel sprouts in the garden. The cat had one eye and one ear. His body was covered in lumps and bumps.
    After we adopted him his fur returned to soft and he purred very loud. He would only enter the kitchen to feed, but never any other room.
    We called him “Scraggy”.all he wanted to do is lay in the long grass, in the sun. He would lay there 2 or 3 days and bothered nobody and nothing.
    One day when Mum and Dad were on holiday “Scraggy” brought his girlfriend home with her kittens. We went ftom 2 cats to 7 overnight.
    “Scraggy” was a characture. I suspect he was an elderly cat and just wanted to end his days in comfort.
    One day he just diappeared. I suspect he went away to die.
    We loved him very much, warts and all.

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