I donned my beanie and gumboots for a walk outside, armed with the Nikon D3000, hoping for some fresh pictures of birds basking in the winter sunshine. I got a lovely selection – sparrows, lorikeets, a wren – and then a pardalote landed in the lilac bush right before my eyes. Fortunately, it was just far enough away for the camera to focus.


I thought it was a pardalote, at first, with the spots on the crown, but when it flew away I saw the golden yellow rump. I checked my bird book, and online, and decided it definitely was a yellow-rumped thornbill.


My excuse is that it all happened so quickly. The gorgeous background colour comes from the door on the neighbour’s garage. Came together perfectly.


Thanks for looking. Watch out for lorikeets tomorrow.



Acanthiza chrysorrhoa: Yellow-rumped Thornbill


8 thoughts on “Acanthiza chrysorrhoa: Yellow-rumped Thornbill

  1. This weeny bird is not my favourite – because I have never seen one. If I ever do, it will undoubtedly go up there among all the others but. 😀

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  2. sue says:

    The garage made a perfect backdrop for your phone. Been lovely during the day, icy in the morning and freezing at night. I haven’t resorted to beanie as yet, just the hood of my jacket.

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