The poor tomcat is battered. I’m showing his better side. We’d just come back from our walk – a mere 2 kms today, 6 kms yesterday – when I spotted him for the first time in weeks. His left eye is bloody, he has an extra gash across his nose, and his right ear looks a little battered. I thought I’d cheer him up.


Mum and her white kitten heard the rattle of dry food. No matter how far I spread the food, they bunch up to eat.

Thanks for looking. Do have a good weekend. Stay safe.


Friday Feline

The tomcat has been at it again.


2 thoughts on “The tomcat has been at it again.

  1. sue says:

    That is so sad. Do you know the owner that you could give them a hint to have him desexed. He is going to end up losing his battle one day to another cat or perhaps a fox and die somewhere.

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