We did a 6km walk the other day, investigating how close the Caledonia Gully Reservoir is to us, via the forest. We thought it’d be quicker to take the lanes which take us past the farmland with the alpacas. I was pleased to see them on the dam bank.


Such adorable creatures. Anyway, we discovered we’d taken the long way if we were to visit the reservoir which holds water from Lake Eppalock as part of our town water reserves. We had already walked well over 3km when I thought I could see the embankment wall through the trees. Mr R. didn’t think I was right, but agreed after we consulted a google map later. What? Consult it before leaving? Where’s the fun in that! I’m expecting the upcoming walk to the dam will be subjected to the  Wednesday Walk treatment.


Thanks for looking. Do have a good weekend. Take care.





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