I never get tired of taking photos of the Small White.

Thanks for looking. I do hope you have a good weekend.

Stay safe.

Butterflies & Moths

Another Small White


3 thoughts on “Another Small White

  1. sue says:

    Hello, how are you keeping. Our little lockdown is over from midnight Saturday. Apparently a security guard at the medi hotel was also working at a pizza bar and lied about working there. Said he had just gone there for a pizza, so that got everyone worried that it maybe now getting spread other than from personal contact. The Premier & Commissioner Police were fuming. They will be looking into penalties for similar things happening in the future, at the moment there are no laws about lying in this type of incident. Must have been working cash only at the Pizza bar. Tax dept. will be having a nice little look into that and probably all the other pizza shops as well.
    Poor woman around the corner had pizza from Woodville and she and her 3 kids had to quarantine. Her husband is working in the mines, so that would have been hard. Also 1 of Julius’ teachers is in quarantine, his wife works at a Roma Mitchell centre where they had outbreak.
    Kids are back to school from Monday, so a lot of parents will be breathing a sigh of relief.

    Take care. Just going up the shops now that things have eased, have to pay some bills and if the supermarket isn’t too busy will get a few things. Was starting using up stuff in the freezer.


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    • The one fibbing was at a different medi-hotel, he caught it off the first security bloke in the main medi-hotel – they both worked at the pizza shop, apparently. I was never convinced the cleaner got it of a surface when she wasn’t even near the people in quarantine. Yet, the guard got it without doing anything wrong. Sorry to hear how it’s affected you and yours! Take care!


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