I snuck up on a heron this morning but didn’t get any beaut photos. This is the one I liked the best, but it was full of noise. I tried out the ‘artistic’ options in GIMP2 and settled on this cartoon filter. It turned the graininess into an advantage.

Google told me grain is usually due to the wrong ISO settings or aperture size in low light.

I purchased a photography class years ago, and paid for the upgrade when it went to the next version (at Udemy) but haven’t started it. And, of course, I have my ‘Nikon for Dummies’ book. I still haven’t learned anything. Using the auto function is just too easy.

Thanks for looking.


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Cartooned: heron.


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  1. sueouzounis says:

    That is a good picture. Shouldn’t put yourself down. The effect is rather good. Think you will probably do better without the assistance of books.

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  2. I have grainy troubles. But to change the ISO means a longer exposure… and then I get hand tremble, so I need a tripod. But I’m not lugging a tripod on a 10 mile hike, and then have to set it up and by then the shot is gone.

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  3. sueouzounis says:

    You are getting really technical there. Ha ha ha, soon you will be a camera nerd.
    Just spoke to telstra today to get the phone from mums place transferred to our place. Only thing we have to pay for is the Professional Technician if we want one to set everything up inside. BIG YES on that. I would be a dribbling idiot if I had to do it. He can set everything up, phones, t.v’s, computers and check out if we have any dead spots. At mums place there were a couple of dead spots and it would drive you nuts.

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    • We get dead spots in our house, too. Once, one could only send or receive text from a front room so we didn’t bother to get a mobile for ages. Actually, a son gave us our first one. Then, when it needed replaced, we bought one in Bendigo. Went into a promotional draw instore and in the new year won $1000 dollars worth of vouchers to be spent in various local businesses. I always get a Telstra Blue Tick phone to be on the safe side when out in the back blocks.


  4. sueouzounis says:

    Wow, you were lucky. I rarely win anything. If I ever put my name down for anything you can bet I get a heap of advertising junk when they sell their mailing lists.
    My mobile phone is with Optus, have been with them for ages and I think it is a good idea to have a separate network for the mobile just in case Telstra goes down for any reason. I hotspot it to Telstra so that way I don’t run out of credit, which I have done now as I have been relying on my mobile and have gone over my limit, Optus love it as they can give you 1g for $10.00. Think I am onto my 3rd top up.
    The mobile I have at the moment is a Samsung, which is OK, not as good as my old old phone, they don’t make them anymore, which died after about 7 years. Used to like Nokia but they didn’t keep up with Samsung & iphone.

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