Meet Cassie.

Cassie (26 Nov 2021)

She is one of three wild kittens born and bred in our backyard. I first spotted them on 3rd February. The mother cat (the same one that had the white kitten a few years ago, since vanished) hid them after a few days. It was the 27th before they started coming out from under the bungalow to feed: two beautiful fluffy tortoiseshells and a short-haired marmalade tabby. I fell in love with them, even named them: Cassie, Princess and Timmy (a play on timid).

I’m going to have them neutered, once they survive summer, for I don’t want to fork out the money unless I know they can survive encounters with snakes. There’s always summer snakes just the other side of next door, where the mother cat comes from.

Presuming I could have caught them, back then. I have a possum cage I could use. I believe the Shire Office has humane cat catching cages but there’s a law you can’t hold them caged for more than a certain number of hours.

Mother cat, Princess, Timmy & Cassie (26 Nov 2021)

They are getting used to me, especially Cassie. When I’m walking up and down the yard (on my newly made pine-barked paths) she often stays in place as I walk by. Princess is relaxing a bit. Timmy always bolts.

I guess they’ll be traumatised when I get them spayed. But it must be done.

Thanks for looking.


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Feline Friday: meet Cassie


3 thoughts on “Feline Friday: meet Cassie

  1. sueouzounis says:

    Beautiful kittens. Love the tortoiseshell & the marmalade. Don’t see many of either colours any more.
    Shame that you have to pay to have them neutered, when they are not your felines.
    When we were first married we lived in Kingsbury and had a male grey (his eye markings were like the Egyptian Heiroglyph), beautiful cat, would always be waiting at the front gate for me to get home. Anyway, we had nasty note from cat to get rid of ALL our cats (we only had the one) but surprisingly around the same time a female we had never seen before turned up with kittens. Wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had dumped them, we were near a creek. They may have found their way to our backyard by following our cat. When I was pregnant he would sit on top of my bell and as I got bigger he would find it hard not to slide off. He vanished and a neighbour said that he had been run over in the next street. He was a beautiful little animal and no trouble at all.

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  2. There’s a big fluffy grey tomcat turns up here now and then. I reckon he was probably dumped. Was only skin and bones when I first saw him. Sorry to hear about yours getting run over, Sue.


  3. sueouzounis says:

    It was a long time ago now. Doubt we will ever get another animal. Can’t walk far enough to be good exercise for a pet and I don’t fancy going through the sadness when they go. So will just continue to feed the birds. The man next door buys chicken for them but I just give them crusts & any leftover meat chopped up.

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