Meet Cassie.

Cassie (26 Nov 2021)

She is one of three wild kittens born and bred in our backyard. I first spotted them on 3rd February. The mother cat (the same one that had the white kitten a few years ago, since vanished) hid them after a few days. It was the 27th before they started coming out from under the bungalow to feed: two beautiful fluffy tortoiseshells and a short-haired marmalade tabby. I fell in love with them, even named them: Cassie, Princess and Timmy (a play on timid).

I’m going to have them neutered, once they survive summer, for I don’t want to fork out the money unless I know they can survive encounters with snakes. There’s always summer snakes just the other side of next door, where the mother cat comes from.

Presuming I could have caught them, back then. I have a possum cage I could use. I believe the Shire Office has humane cat catching cages but there’s a law you can’t hold them caged for more than a certain number of hours.

Mother cat, Princess, Timmy & Cassie (26 Nov 2021)

They are getting used to me, especially Cassie. When I’m walking up and down the yard (on my newly made pine-barked paths) she often stays in place as I walk by. Princess is relaxing a bit. Timmy always bolts.

I guess they’ll be traumatised when I get them spayed. But it must be done.

Thanks for looking.


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