So, I’m easing back into blogging, exercising, writing, and doing housework. Been madly gardening since we came home,  three weeks ago now. Been doing some family history. Hardly touched the camera. Missing Vika something awful, but at least I have stopped thinking I see her out the corner of my eye. Took about ten days before I could sit in my usual spot to put my runners on. It’s been nearly a month since she was put to sleep.

I’m never going to get another pet. When our old blue heeler died, it was on the heels of the accidental death of my stepson, so I was already filled to the brim with grief. I’d forgotten how horrible grief is.


Did you know that a baby koala is called a joey? I’d forgotten. I just googled it, and, apparently, all marsupial babies are called joeys. The koala joey is the size of a jellybean when it is born, blind and hairless. It finds its way into mum’s pouch, and stays there for about six months before venturing out into the world.


Koala mother and joey, Big Tom’s Beach, Murray River near Cobram, Oct 2018 (Nikon D3000)

I love the way this mother koala relaxes, despite the flimsy support.

Thanks for looking.



Hanging Around: Koala and Joey


One of the many joys of camping, is walking the dog. On the morning walk,  we venture far from our camp – Mr R. looking for logs for the fire, and me trying not to trip over Vika while looking out for birds, Nikon D3000 slung over one shoulder. Our last two trips had the pleasure of our native koala. So, if I hadn’t been searching the tree-forks for koalas, I would never have spotted this pair of Tawny Frogmouths.



Such an odd-looking bird, and unrelated to owls.


I suppose when they woke, they were surprised to find themselves more exposed than they intended when perching before daylight. And yes, of course, I did spot a koala.



I usually leave the camera behind on the late afternoon walk, leaving my hands free to pick up kindling sticks. Nothing like relaxing by the fire, watching the sun go down.


What do you like best about camping?


Birds, koalas

Tawny Frogmouths