One of the many joys of camping, is walking the dog. On the morning walk,  we venture far from our camp – Mr R. looking for logs for the fire, and me trying not to trip over Vika while looking out for birds, Nikon D3000 slung over one shoulder. Our last two trips had the pleasure of our native koala. So, if I hadn’t been searching the tree-forks for koalas, I would never have spotted this pair of Tawny Frogmouths.



Such an odd-looking bird, and unrelated to owls.


I suppose when they woke, they were surprised to find themselves more exposed than they intended when perching before daylight. And yes, of course, I did spot a koala.



I usually leave the camera behind on the late afternoon walk, leaving my hands free to pick up kindling sticks. Nothing like relaxing by the fire, watching the sun go down.


What do you like best about camping?


Birds, koalas

Tawny Frogmouths


13 thoughts on “Tawny Frogmouths

  1. wonderful photos and really liked the ending fire side shot.

    and to answer your question:
    What do you like best about camping?

    Not having to go camping….

    sorry but not really my thing…
    but I can see why so many love it


  2. sue ouzounis says:

    Haven’t been camping since before I was married. Alec’s idea of camping is a motel, or if he had the choice one of those luxurious vans with bathroom etc.
    Best thing about camping – in the evening sitting around the campfire.

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    • It’s shame you can’t have fires in most caravan parks these days, and they are banned along the Murray over the whole fire danger period in NSW. I was reading some of the bookable Parks Victoria camping spots and a lot had shared fireplaces. Okay if you’re in a group. By the end of the year, the popular places up near Cobram will need to be booked and paid for in advance. That will put it out of our reach! Campfires are the best!


  3. sue ouzounis says:

    Next time you go camping make up a strip of canvas about 18 inches wide, run some dowling through the ends with long enough rope tied each side to make a shoulder strap, fold them up together, strap over your shoulder and you can slide the kindling into that and have your hands free to take photo’s

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    • LOL. It’s a whole new experience with a queen-size bed, portaloo, solar power, 12v fridge and a kitchen sink with running water! Never go back to the old days. Thanks for commenting Claudette! (Just checked out your Etsy shop – you have a lot of lovely new treasures there now, busy you.)

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  4. sue ouzounis says:

    Remember in Rangers we used to go on overnight hikes. Take a 2 man tent (which comfortably fits 3, much warmer) but there always seemed to be a rock sticking into your back or hip. These days I wouldn’t be able to get off the ground without crawling to the closest tree.

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    • LOL. It’s wonderful having the queen-size bed, though the steel sides of the camper-trailer are cool if one gets too close. The last time we were out in camp strechers, one of my hips was sore for months! I’m guessing Rangers are like Girl Guides? never did that. I, too, must roll over to stand from ground level. 🙂


  5. sue ouzounis says:

    Yes, you start off as a Brownie, then Girl Guide, Rangers next then Trefoil Guild and everyone starts to drift away about then as they get married and have families to worry about. It’s a bit different now as the Boy Scouts now have Girls. The Rangers out our way were lucky that the Rovers (boy scout equivalents) were around. A couple of mixed camps (indoor), great fun. The Olympic Village Rovers had a bus and a couple of them had bus licenses, so it was a lot cheaper going away. Went to one camp (can’t remember the name of it, near Mt. Buffalo) and we had a seance. The boys had taped ooooo’s and eeeee’s, chains rattling etc. One of the Ranger leaders joined in (chaperone), absolutely hilarious & one of the girls nearly fell off the top bunk she was laughing so hard.

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