The golden leaves on the oak in our service road are always the last to fall. They look beaut in the sunhine we’re having these chilly morns. It was -2C when we made coffee this morning, after 7:30am. It was well after 9am before Vika and I headed off on our daily amble down to the footbridge and back.


Lingering Autumn Leaves, 21 June 2018 (Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone)

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Lingering Autumn Leaves


5 thoughts on “Lingering Autumn Leaves

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    My god that’s a tad chilly. Must admit that they look lovely when they turn. Only problem is they turn to sludge when they lay in the gutters. We have had some new trees put in by Council, in the side streets, don’t know what kind but they already don’t have leaves. I don’t know why they have to plant that kind, why not a nice flowering gum and keep it pruned.

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    • They seem to favour deciduous, though they block drains if they don’t sent a truck sweeper. I’m guessing they have less invasive root systems, perhaps, or simpler water needs.

      It was -2 this morning. I should own up – last year, or so, when we were having all those -4s and -6s we were a few degrees out. We compared our outside thermometer with two others and the mercury glass had been offset against the numbers slightly wrong. So now we adjust by 2 degrees – thus it looked like -4, but it was really -2. LOL. 🙂


      • sue ouzounis says:

        It depends on where the weather is being taken from and if its undercover or not. Adelaide can be a couple of degrees warmer than Fulham Gardens and we are only about 10kms away. Local Community Radio station is at Glandore and they check “under the verandah” and it is different to what has been forecast. We are supposed to be getting a 4 degree morning on Wednesday, brrrrrr. But that can change by the time Wednesday gets here

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