Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Macro: Barbed wire snags

For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro  This week, Sally has an interesting treatment for a Gerber Daisy – you would hardly believe they are the same image.

My close-up images were taken with the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone, on auto.  The featured image (above or at the side depending on your device) was colour adjusted and sharpened in IrfinView before being scaled in GIMP.

The next one seems boring in comparison … maybe I have been fiddling with the settings and I only thought it was on auto…

raindrops on snagged cattle hair in wire barb

raindrops on snagged cattle hair in a wire barb


And here is the same one with the white balance auto adjusted in GIMP…

as above but white balance changed

with white balance changed


This last image is as is, only cropped and sharpened…

snagged cattle hair in barbed wire

raindrops on snagged cattle hair in barbed wire


Which one do you like best?


How about this one…

jonquils (Nokia Lumia 520)

jonquils in my garden (Nokia Lumia WP 520)


Thanks for looking. Have a  good day.    🙂


The jonquils are beginning to bloom. This is a photo taken about the same time of the year in 2010 (Fujifilm FinepixA607).  Golden leaves in the background belong to the elm tree. That branch is no longer there, having fell last year.jonquils