The jonquils are beginning to bloom. This is a photo taken about the same time of the year in 2010 (Fujifilm FinepixA607).  Golden leaves in the background belong to the elm tree. That branch is no longer there, having fell last year.jonquils




8 thoughts on “Jonquils

    • You know Barbara, I’m always surprised to see them begin to flower as I keep thinking that all bulbs are spring time flowers. One set has been opening flower buds for over two weeks week now and the others have one or two flowers each. I think they must be later as the old photoabove has the elm tree limb with lots of leaves, and most of the leaves have fallen already this year. I love that smell, reminds me of a wild garden when I was a kid. I told myself fairies lived there among the jonquils. 😀


  1. now you have awakened my desire to get outside to see if ours are flowering too … we got home yesterday but I am sick and have basically slept ever since … so later this morning I am off to see the jonquils!

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    • Welcome home Christine. I thought you would be crooker by the time you got back. I hope you feel better soon, and your jonquils are putting on a good showing. Take care. 🙂


    • Thank you joserasan66 for dropping by. Yes, they do smell lovely. I love your blog.

      Traducción de Google: Gracias por caer por joserasan66. Sí, ellos huelen encantadora. Me encanta tu blog.


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