Butterflies & Moths

Grapevine Moth’s offspring

I saw a couple of these a few weeks back, but the sparrows or shield bugs got them before they grew much bigger.




Taken with the Nokia Lumia 520.

I got myself a secondhand DSLR from eBay last week – for my birthday – a Nikon D3000. It came from a pawnshop place in regional Victoria and that might be why I was the only bidder.I had purchased from him before, a superficially damaged monitor which I got for its stand for $20.

At A$180, and free postage, it arrived on Friday with the standard 2009 kit zoom lens, a charger, battery, and a very well padded camera bag. When I checked the shutter count it was only 687, and I’d already taken at least 50+ practice pics myself! I have it on auto at the moment, and it has some sort of filter on the lens which I have to find out about.

I was actually keeping my eyes open for a cheap Nikon D5+anything, but I spotted this D3000 and only had 22 minutes to make up my mind. It has a great beginner’s guidance system and a motor lens cleanser! I think  I did well for my first DSLR. Now, I just have to learn to use all the bells and whistles.

Have a good day. 🙂


Butterflies & Moths

Caterpillar Feet

1screenshot20121018at111I’m posting this for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. The second Monday of the month is Macro … I just squeeze in.  I’m using the Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone for these photos. Cropped and optimized, otherwise untouched. I hope my images are macro enough. I can’t get much closer with my phone camera.


clinging to the midrib

I’m making the most of these caterpillars while they’re here. I’m rather taken by their nasty-looking forelegs! No wonder they have such a good grip on the vine leaves.

Perhaps I should have titled this post Caterpillar Feet & the FINAL theme.

You might have noticed that I’ve messed with the theme  – again.  It was Twenty-Fourteen for a day or two, with the lovely big featured images, but it just wasn’t practical for tablet navigation.

upside down is no problem at all


Australian Grapevine Moth caterpillar

Australian Grapevine Moth caterpillar

Larvae of the Australian Grapevine Moth  (thumbnail of the featured image)

Just click on any images you would like to see bigger.

My resident blackbird shot out of the grapevine this morning as I went out my side door. I wonder if it might gobble up the smaller caterpillars. As they strip the leaves, they do expose themselves. I’ll keep an eye out.

Thanks for looking. Have a good day.   🙂

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