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Grapevine Moth’s offspring

I saw a couple of these a few weeks back, but the sparrows or shield bugs got them before they grew much bigger.




Taken with the Nokia Lumia 520.

I got myself a secondhand DSLR from eBay last week – for my birthday – a Nikon D3000. It came from a pawnshop place in regional Victoria and that might be why I was the only bidder.I had purchased from him before, a superficially damaged monitor which I got for its stand for $20.

At A$180, and free postage, it arrived on Friday with the standard 2009 kit zoom lens, a charger, battery, and a very well padded camera bag. When I checked the shutter count it was only 687, and I’d already taken at least 50+ practice pics myself! I have it on auto at the moment, and it has some sort of filter on the lens which I have to find out about.

I was actually keeping my eyes open for a cheap Nikon D5+anything, but I spotted this D3000 and only had 22 minutes to make up my mind. It has a great beginner’s guidance system and a motor lens cleanser! I think  I did well for my first DSLR. Now, I just have to learn to use all the bells and whistles.

Have a good day. 🙂



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