This blackbird’s orange-tinged beak and legs suggest a juvenile male. I thought I was taking pictures of a female who, despite lurking cats, is making a nest in the ivy. (Nikon D3000)


Tomorrow, 1st September, is the official beginning of the Australian spring, though the feel in the air has not yet changed.

Excitement is mounting here in the Randall household for our next camping holiday is mere weeks away! On our itinerary are the New South Wales cemeteries where my direct ancestors dwell. The most exciting will be visiting my Betsey Whiley at Prospect, in Sydney. Her gravestone is just a few paces from the historic church. The widowed Betsey was 63 when she decided to leave Lincolnshire, England, arriving here in 1844. Her sons, Isaac, George, and Joshua had all arrived separately, with their families, during the 1830s.

The living are on the list, too, of course – my son, up near Port Macquarie, and my brother at Condobolin.

Thanks for looking.



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