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17 steps to young Prince George of England!

Now, this is not a blood relationship, mind, only by marriage. After a conversation with a cousin today, I found this Daily Mail Australia article online claiming one of my convict cousins as a blood relative of  the Duchess of Cambridge. This is not strictly true.

Revealed: Kate’s Aussie convict relatives who can trace their roots to a lamb stealing labourer

  • Duchess can trace roots to farm labourer who was sent to Australia
  • He was found guilty of stealing three lambs and handed the sentence  Read more:

Samuel Hickmott is my  1st cousin 5 times removed: two of his sons married the Goldsmith sisters Sophia and Mary Ann. A brother to these sisters, John Goldsmith, is Kate’s direct ancestor. But, it is true that the children of these two sisters are cousins to young Prince George. The blood relationship does not travel backwards.

borrowed from the article

borrowed from the article

So, my first link to Royalty – by marriage.

Samuel’s aunt, Lydia Hickmott, is my 4th great grandmother. She married Edward Jeffery, 1790, in Brenchley, Kent and their son William is my great-great-great-grandfather.  William (1808-1860) and his wife came to Australia in 1838 as free settlers and later took up residence in the Orange district, New South Wales. In 1845, their daughter Harriet Jeffery (1829-1902) married my very own convict, Thomas Horner Stone (1809-1893). (Great Great grandparents)

It’s a small, small world!

[Added my chart later, because I’m sure it sounded like gobbledygook!]

My steps to the royal connection

My steps to the royal connection



32 thoughts on “17 steps to young Prince George of England!

  1. Sue says:

    As you said 17 steps, love to see the expression on their faces when “Cus” rocks up for a visit. Couple on this side too, Prince William from his mothers side and Prince Albert of Monaco through the Gaylard family. Wouldn’t mind going to a Gala and walking the Red Carpet.

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  2. Does this mean I have to call you ‘ma’am’ or ‘my lady’ from now on, Christine? What fun you could have with that one! But what an interesting family tree. Did you know about your own ancestry before now? It’s all so fascinating.

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    • Hi Millie, I’ve been a family history nut for a long time now. I knew about the Hickmotts but not the connection to the Goldsmiths and thus to Kate. I have found some interesting characters and discovered my husband is my 6th cousin. I must get back to doing my Family History Friday posts! 🙂 No forelock tugging required my dear.


  3. Wonderful post I’d love to see the royal reaction. There are a lot of royal connections that the Family do not shout about…. Hell they are just human. As you say shame blue blood does not run backwards. Or maybe you have had a lucky escape. 😉 xxx


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