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Minus Five

frosty morn, Sunday,  21 June 15, 7.47AM

frosty morn, Sunday, 21 June 15, 7:47AM

minus six

7:47AM – minus 5 (next door’s mailbox)

frosty morn 21june15c

8:26AM – the ice is still on the fence, left when I changed the birds water around 7AM. The gum tree was dripping melting ice from their leaves, like rain.

cockies positioned so they could see the kitchen door - eating cyprus seeds

10:11AM: cockies positioned so they could see our  kitchen door – eating cypress seeds

This one carried the seed pod with him.

This one carried a seed pod with him while they flew to the elm tree. (I think it was this one.)

I’m pleased – got a whole scene rewritten today. I’m printing each one out in double spacing for the first proper edit later on.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Minus Five

  1. sue says:

    It didn’t reach that low here, but it sure felt like it. Dived out of bed to put heater on then jumped back into bed to wait for it to heat up. Been an icy wind all day, cuts right through you. I’m still glad that the cold weather is here.


  2. All right, d#mmit: What’s would it cost to buy a friggin’ home where you live? I’m dead serious. I am on a long research project, and all options are open.


    • Rural Australia is very beautiful! Any of rural: NSW, Victoria, South Australia and (of course 🙂 ) Tasmania would offer you a very cheap and very beautiful place to live. Temperatures vary, for example, although I live at 43 degrees south at the bottom of Tasmania (that’s as far south as you can live without leaving Australia altogether) our coldest day has still not yet dropped below zero — though I suspect it might have just dipped down last night, as it was 0.3 degrees celsius when I got up at 6:00 this morning …

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  3. I sympathise with you having such low temps Christine, although the scenery looks lovely with the frost on it. It doesn’t seem long since you were writing about the heat! Glad to hear that your writing is coming along so well.

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  4. Yes, we’ve had snow on the Hartz Mountains across the river every day since the start of June. Winter is definitely colder this year than last! But those cold, clear days are very beautiful – and always make me want to get out and do stuff 🙂

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  5. sue says:

    DON’T go and do stuff, I thought I would do some weeding while my grandson was playing with next door’s little girl. Big mistake, forgot that I haven’t done a lot of bending, reaching, etc. for a while. I can hardly walk today, every time I sit down, stand up or bend over the muscles in my back scream IDIOT.

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