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Like, Comment, or Leave?

I’m reblogging this post – one of my own – in response to a post on Lucile de Godoy’s blog I read, about removing her like button …


4 thoughts on “Like, Comment, or Leave?

  1. sue says:

    Don’t think “like” is necessary, the return to the site shows that it is LIKED. (didn’t know what to do about the like button anyway) usually, anytime I push a strange button I get transferred to something else.

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    • The like is unnecessary if you are going to comment, Sue. And you nearly always do and I really appreciate it.

      A lot of people do both, but that’s often to do with the blog layout, because if you press like then a little ‘comment on this post’ will come up and that saves you scrolling back to the top to link through to the comments pane. I think. ❤


  2. I guess many people press the like button when using Reader. But I’ve found when I go to comment on Daily post, after commenting I am sent back to my e-mails and if I want to, have to go through the whole process again. I quite like to see the likes as it gives an idea who has been by.

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