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Reblog: poem

REBLOG: These words from ‘Freeing My Muse’ brought tears to my eyes.


Do You Not Hear?

I speak to you
You do not hear me
My voice just a hum
In the background of your mind
Do you not hear my voice?

I tell you how I feel
You talk over me
As if I had not spoken
My words not important to you
Do you not hear my words?

I sit silent next to you
An ache deep in my heart
Your disregard stabbing deeply
Making me cry silently within myself
Do you not hear me cry?

One day when I am gone
And all is quiet around you
The only voice you will hear is yours
Echoing around the space I once held next to you
Do you now notice the absence of my voice?

You did not hear my voice when I was there
You did not hear my words when I was there
You did not hear my…

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