I originally drafted this post last week, but then decided I was supposed to be using an in-phone app for the processing. So, I’m dishing up my images for this week.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

1st Monday – Nature


The above image was embossed with Image Majick; cropped and bevelled in GIMP.

The cobweb is real, not some sort of overlay. The embossing really accentuated it. On my walk that morning, I had to be careful as all the spiders in the area must have been madly spinning all night. Some of the distances they covered for the anchor points were amazing.


Nokia Lumia 530 (cropped in GIMP)

Our roadsides are still green where the longer grass has been kept short.  Kangaroos are venturing inside our yard again. We are in our last month of summer. Despite our current hot weather, a few leaves on the American Sycamore look suspiciously autumn-toned. The temperature has been fluctuating wildly, though. Several times we’ve burnt bark in the wood heater to take a morning chill off the house!

In her post, Sally D spoke of the poet, Mary Oliver. When she told of Oliver’s wonderful prose, I was tempted to check what was available at The Book Depository where I usually get my real books. There, I was tempted by sale prices but, after checking eBay and my local library, I ended up at Amazon and purchased a Kindle edition at 52% off. Though a different book to the one Sally mentioned, the prose I read inside fit Sally’s description. I’m a bit naughty for I do not always read the pens section of Sally’s lens and pens posts. Today, her words really grabbed me.


taken this morning on our walk (Nokia Lumia 530)

Book update.

In case you are wondering, I’m expecting to start the type-in part of my book revision today. All the changes to be made have been handwritten on the manuscript. Yesterday, I was working with a note declaring ‘I badly need a decent transition here’ when, all of a sudden, I discovered I had left out a scene from the printed manuscript! I couldn’t recall deciding to scrap the scene, either, so it was an accident when I transferred the edited scenes on Wattpad into a new Scrivener file. I must have been working too closely on the revision all these weeks to notice it missing.

As part of Holly Lisle’s methods, I had to write out a sentence for every scene in the novel from memory. Some interesting things happened including several of the new scene cards having the identical scene number as the original scenes. And yes, my story brain had included the missing scene. I suppose the theory there is that anything you don’t recall isn’t worth keeping. I’m looking forward to running book two through this system.

Time is running out – 6 days to have the final manuscript uploaded to Amazon before it goes live three days later.

Thanks for looking at my photos.

Thanks for reading my rambling and please do enjoy your week.


Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge, Taniel

Cobweb, Sally D, Mary Oliver, & Taniel


11 thoughts on “Cobweb, Sally D, Mary Oliver, & Taniel

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Magic web, shame on the nasty little insects that made holes in the beautiful material. Yes, spiders are prolific at the moment, the warning everyone to be careful and to pick up kids toys. I sprayed around the outside of the house, but I don’t know if all that rain washed it away as the spiders are still around, maybe they have become immune.
    Only went for short walk today, it was already 30 degrees and Bindi was exhausted by the time we got back. It’s the humidity that is making it unbearable, you can’t even go outside without dripping sweat.
    Keep your head down, the 6 days will fly. Don’t forget to set all your alarms for 24 hours before. Good luck, it will be fine.

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    • I carry Vika part of the way if she looks knocked up. She’s 14 now. I killed the spider that was making a web across our driveway. I was taking photos of it, and then had to rescue 3 bees (or the same one three times) before I knocked the web down. It already had three little bee-sized cobwebby bundles in it. Yeah, not supposed to use any sort of killer spray if rain is imminent.
      Got this book under control, Sue. Got up before 6 this morning. I just have to tidy my other desk, have lunch and then begin the type-in – at last. After that, I’ll grammar check and run it through Autocrit for repetition (late Monday/early Tuesday). Then check the formatting for Kindle, and mess about with the cover. Latest to upload is Wednesday morning. Excited! I better get cracking! 🙂


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  3. I enjoyed your rambling, Christine, and found the cobweb photograph quite compelling. Our seasons, too, are slowly reluctantly changing. It is a time when patience is required! I’m not familiar with the work of Mary Oliver, but will Google her as soon as I finished this comment. How exciting it must be to see your book becoming finalized. I like the scene summary idea and will remember it if I ever died to give fiction a try.

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    • I think you will enjoy Mary Oliver. I only needed to read one prose piece in the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon to know I will enjoy her take on nature . Her words are thoughtful, much like your own. I do read poetry now and then, so I’m interested to see how I like hers. The book I purchased has a few sprinkled through, I believe. As always, thanks for dropping by, Janet.


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