The jacky winter is one of those birds that I never recognise until it’s flying away, and then it’s the side white tail feathers that give it away.  It belongs to the Australian robin and flycatcher family. According to Wikipedia, other vernacular names are brown flycatcher, peter peter, postboy, spinks and stumpbird.


Jacky winter and peter peter are are names derived from its call.

I spotted this jacky winter on the return journey of my inaugural walk with Mr R. Now, though we’ve walked together numerous times, mainly while away from home, this was the first time we’ve headed off for deliberate exercise. We’ve now managed 3 out of the last 4 days, with one walk covering about five kilometres! We live on a cross-roads, so can take a different direction each day, with more variables along each road.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


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Microeca fascinans: Jacky Winter


7 thoughts on “Microeca fascinans: Jacky Winter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha M-R doesn’t know how many pictures you have of the local birds.
    That is a sweet little thing isn’t it, would probably just write it off as a “sparrow” if I did see one.
    My goodness you and Rob are getting all athletic, you’ll be signing up for the Marathon next. Good on you, will do Rob good to be out walking.

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