On one of our recent walks, I took the Nikon D3000 – after making sure it had the SD card in, for it’s no fun lugging it about without said card. Along the way, the sheep looked particularly photogenic.


Above: Merino sheep   Below: the same sheep in the bigger picture. See the scenery I have to put up with on my walk.  The autumn-turned trees are making a splash along the service road, beyond that home.


A flock of coloured sheep are on another property. Since they grazed in a long line, I’ve split the scene in two. Some are still shedding their wool.



And then I said to Mr R., “look, more sheep!”  He pointed out they are the same sheep as before, and so they were, for now we walked on the other side of the paddock. I still took another picture, of course.


Thanks for looking.


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A Sheep-ish Walk


10 thoughts on “A Sheep-ish Walk

  1. I know about these wool-shedding shoops: they do look awful, mid-shed ! My younger sister and her husband have some: don’t matter from what angle you shoot ’em, they still look tatty ! Of course. 😀

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  2. sue says:

    I am assuming you have carried a camera around before without an SD card. Feel so sorry for you, terrible place you have to endure.

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