The Wyvern sketch progress

I thought you might be interested in the progress on that wyvern drawing I am doing to learn how my new graphite pencils work.

This is it after I finished the sketching part.

wyvern sketch before the base shading went on

Before the base shading went on


And then I chucked on the graphite base – didn’t have powder so I kept sharpening an old pencil. Probably gave myself lead poisoning because I forgot to use a tissue and rubbed it in with my fingers! The graphite brought out every greasy finger mark and where I have pressed through too heavy on the previous page  – pity I had backtracked to a page I had skipped in my cheap and crappy project book.

wyern sketch with graphite base applied

with base graphite applied


Next time, I have to add some cross-hatching (not sure where it is going yet) and move on to the 2B shading.

Here is the reference picture from dragoart.com – I get step by step instructions, too.


Sorry about the bad photography!

Thanks for looking!  🙂


7 thoughts on “The Wyvern sketch progress

  1. sue says:

    No lead in pencils for a long time. It is graphite usually. You should have photocopied the page before you started experimenting. Don’t think anything can be done to repair, maybe iron with brown paper on top to absorb any grease, doubt it though.

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    • I had a feeling lead pencils were gone but I was too lazy to look it up. And of course graphite is graphite.
      It probably will not matter mauch about the spots except a couple in the lighter areas. The darker shading will cover them. I’ll try ironing if it bothers me later.

      I found two good sketchbooks in my stash: watercolour and sketch (Bockingford) and a pad of drawing cartridge paper (Spirax) but they need airing! New pads of Mont Marte aren’t dear.


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