The Wyvern:

Originally sent from my windows phone, but the text didn’t come with it. I decided to add the other images, too.

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I’ve had three sessions with the wyvern. I have just the back end to do and then probably another session to finish it off. I thought I had cross-hatching to do, but that was only if I didn’t have powdered graphite for the background. I have done some on the cliff to give it texture. The cliff will need a lot more layers to make it black enough.

how-to-draw-a-wyvern_1_000000019779_3 – reference picture

wyvern sketch before the base shading went on

Before the base shading went on


Thanks for looking.

Drawing, Taniel

Wyvern Shading Progress


The Wyvern sketch progress

I thought you might be interested in the progress on that wyvern drawing I am doing to learn how my new graphite pencils work.

This is it after I finished the sketching part.

wyvern sketch before the base shading went on

Before the base shading went on


And then I chucked on the graphite base – didn’t have powder so I kept sharpening an old pencil. Probably gave myself lead poisoning because I forgot to use a tissue and rubbed it in with my fingers! The graphite brought out every greasy finger mark and where I have pressed through too heavy on the previous page  – pity I had backtracked to a page I had skipped in my cheap and crappy project book.

wyern sketch with graphite base applied

with base graphite applied


Next time, I have to add some cross-hatching (not sure where it is going yet) and move on to the 2B shading.

Here is the reference picture from – I get step by step instructions, too.


Sorry about the bad photography!

Thanks for looking!  🙂


1970 Sketchbook: Grandma’s ducks

Hello people.

I am pleased to report that my 1970 sketchbook has been found and is unscathed by mice.  Today I’m sharing Grandma’s ducks – those white ones with crinkly red wattles on their faces.

In 1970, I was aged 15. These are nearly my favourite images from the sketchbook because they invoke such a wonderful memory.


sketch of duck

1970 Grandma’s duck


As you can imagine, I was a bit horrified to find that – sometime later – I have gone over my sketches with a red ballpoint pen!!!   OMG.



1970 Grandma’s ducks


When I was younger, Grandma had these ducks in her backyard – lots of them – and it stunk of muddy water and duck shit. One had to navigate along the duck yard fence to get to the outhouse right down the back. Grandma sold the eggs and probably eating ducks, too.


sketch of duck

1970 Grandma’s duck


I drew these from life, obviously bearing the stink okay. Also obvious is the fact that I had better synapses between my eye, brain and hand at 15 than I do at 61.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these, as I intend giving you a page each week.

Have a good day.  🙂