The Wyvern sketch progress

I thought you might be interested in the progress on that wyvern drawing I am doing to learn how my new graphite pencils work.

This is it after I finished the sketching part.

wyvern sketch before the base shading went on

Before the base shading went on


And then I chucked on the graphite base – didn’t have powder so I kept sharpening an old pencil. Probably gave myself lead poisoning because I forgot to use a tissue and rubbed it in with my fingers! The graphite brought out every greasy finger mark and where I have pressed through too heavy on the previous page  – pity I had backtracked to a page I had skipped in my cheap and crappy project book.

wyern sketch with graphite base applied

with base graphite applied


Next time, I have to add some cross-hatching (not sure where it is going yet) and move on to the 2B shading.

Here is the reference picture from dragoart.com – I get step by step instructions, too.


Sorry about the bad photography!

Thanks for looking!  🙂


Drawing Dragon Heads

Hello people. I haven’t forgotten that I promised you the Condo750 post (car, bike rally). Decided to share something new that I’ve been doing, instead.

Recently, I’ve been learning how to draw dragons. I suppose I am actually relearning how to draw – something I’ve barely done over the last 25-30 years. This is the second version of this drawing, after ‘fixing’ it, as you can plainly see. I used a tutorial on DragoArt.

dragon head drawing

Using a DragoArt tutorial: take two


I have a dragon ‘art book’ on Wattpad, and I also put these drawings on my official author platform cjrandall.com. (That reminds me, I must update my publishing schedule there.) I also pop them on Instagram if I think of it.

wattpad cover of 'art book' I’m Learning to Draw Dragons is actually doing okay on Wattpad, I think, despite only having 8 drawings with 2 of them both variations of the one above – with a total of 293 reads and 69 votes. Each page/chapter is counted as one read when someone spends enough time on it.

And, in case you are wondering, Taniel has 24 published parts on Wattpad, with 476 reads and 47 votes and has been added to some reading lists. I’m happy with the 10% ratio of votes to reads.



chalked dragon head

this is the only one I’ve dare colour – I used chalk


I eventually realised that I needed to put some cardboard under the sheet in the project book so I don’t gouge the page underneath. I haven’t got a delicate hand! My first few sketches still have the constructions lines.


my first dragon drawing

the first one


My eye-brain-hand coordination has improved over my 8 sessions. I’m less daunted by the blank page. Speaking of blank pages, I better get back to my writing. I think I prefer blank pages to editing!  Catch youse later.

Thanks for looking and please have a great day.   🙂